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Fill your world with colour & fun,
exciting bath bombs for kids & adults!

I have 2 little ones ages 6 & 2 and the joy a bath bomb brings to the tub is priceless, it’s easy clean messy play and they are my number one testers it’s mainly how A Fizzy Tale started they just love Bath bombs. 💕

I personally don’t get a bath without a bath bomb life’s too short for a boring bath I love the colours and the swirls they create and I’m clearly a big kid at heart 💖

All our Fizzy Tale Bath Bombs are lovingly handmade in the UK and I pride myself on finding the cutest, fun, colourful Bath bombs to share with you.

So when all else fails, Make Time for yourself & have a bath or put the kids in the bath 🛁 to reset your day.

Much love Donna @AFizzyTale

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