Violet Sparkle Flower Fizzy Tale Bubble Wand

Violet Sparkle Flower Fizzy Tale Bubble Wand

A Fizzy Tale
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Prosecco Raspberry Bubble Wand is fun, colourful, quirky & fun 

Scented in Violet Sparkles: If sparkling unicorns really existed, then this would be what they smell like! A sweet smelling fragrance, with a reminiscence to Parmaviolets

Rich in cocoa butter to moisturise your skin these bubble bars are 130g & there is sure to be enough for a few baths


Break, chop up or crumble under running warm water to create rich foamy bubbles 

Use the whole bar or a little at a time, it's really up to you!

  • Suitable for vegans
  • Handmade in UK 
  • Animal Cruelty free 
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