• A Fizzy Tale Affiliate FAQs

    I’ve signed up, now what do I do?

    Here is a step by step of exactly what each section on your Affiliate dashboard does, how to work it and what to expect but first off, a few vital rules and important contact information.

  • What are Shower Bombs & Steamers

      Shower bombs & Steamers, For those that long to use a beautifully scented bath bomb..but don’t have a bath. How annoying! Well don't b...
  • A Guide to A Fizzy Tale Bubble Bars & Wands

    Bubble bars are fun, cute and super easy to use. They fill your bathtub with lots of soft, fluffy bubbles perfect for the little ones, Our Bubble...
  • Miles For Mind May 2021

    Miles for Mind May 2021 .. Why we are taking part... Here at A Fizzy Tale we are huge advocates for mental health, looking after your mind and maki...
  • What does my self-care look like?

    What does my self-care look like? For me, self-care has often come to mean not doing the things that I don’t want to do. The feeling I get when I ...
  • A Fizzy Tale Bath Bomb Art

    Baths are  a huge blank canvas, then you drop in a bath bomb, is it just me or do you love watching the swirls and colours bath bombs make and also listening to that comforting fizzy sound ? 
  • Men you need self care too !

    Bath bombs are for men also & here at A Fizzy Tale we want you to choose us to help soak away your problems